If you’re looking for a commercial landscape company in Melbourne, there are probably a few in your area that provide their commercial services. Consider the following recommendations to make sure the commercial landscaper you hire will live up to your expectations for your school, childcare, sports field or business premise:

  • Identify your goals. Before you request a bid or look for a commercial landscape professional, make a list of some preliminary ideas about what you envision for your landscape. 

Think about what is best for your company or business; a hospital or office building may not benefit from what works well for a restaurant. Knowing exactly what you want delivered is the only way to determine what a landscaping company can offer.

  • Do your research. Look at nearby properties and get referrals from nearby building managers and business owners. If your project is big, you might want to look for companies who have experience working with companies just like yours. 

Ask the following questions of any recommended businesses: 

  • Do you have insurance to safeguard both your employees and your clients? 
  • Do you offer your staff members ongoing safety training and continuing education? 
  • Do you participate in a national, state, or local association to gain access to the knowledge and training they provide?
  • Recognize expectations. To make sure they comprehend your expectations and how they intend to accomplish them, discuss specifics with company representatives. Know what is involved if you want maintenance after the initial installation.
  • Find value. Don’t only go with the landscaper with the lowest price. The landscaper that submitted the low offer might not be fully knowledgeable of the requirements for the task, or the business might be relatively new to the industry. 

It is critical to choose a skilled commercial landscaper who will add ideas, insight, and expertise to the project.

It takes time to create a great commercial landscape. Give the business you choose time to live up to your expectations after you make your choice. Even the most seasoned landscape specialist will need some time to fix a severe issue with your landscape.

Here are a few additional suggestions for finding a landscape specialist to carry out particular jobs. For instance:

  • For the application of the project, landscape specialists are required to hold a licence. In addition to inspecting your lawn before application, they should also provide a management plan (number of applications) and look for pest and disease issues during each application.
  • Make sure your tree care specialist is covered by insurance, including liability for damage to people’s homes. Find out if the business is a part of any professional associations, such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals, a state or local association of landscapers, or an association of arborists.
  • Landscape design, installation, and maintenance businesses frequently have degreed horticultural specialists on staff.