Domestic, Commercial & Childcare Shade Sails in Melbourne

Seamless Installation of Domestic, Commercial & Childcare Shade Sails

Servicing Melbourne, Brisk Landscaping installs, cleans and maintains shade sails for many domestic, commercial and educational purposes.

Shade sails are designed to provide protection from the sun and create an outdoor shade area. Using much the same technology as a ship sail, they consist of flexible membranes and are suspended and pulled taut between a number of anchor points.

Shade sails are the perfect solution to the harsh Australian heat, providing additional protection from painful sunburn and skin cancer.

Residential Shade Sails

Shade sails for a residential application make a stunning addition to outdoor areas.  They are aesthetically pleasing and offer versatile shading solutions.

Whether you require shade solutions to cover your vehicle, entertainment area, swimming pool or for any other purpose, we have a wide range of domestic shade sails available to compliment your home.

Commercial Shade Sails

Commercial shade sails are a versatile product that are ideal for a number of areas and they are becoming increasingly popular within commercial workplaces and high traffic areas such as car washes, swimming pools, bowling clubs, factories and restaurants.

A shade sail allows you to protect your employees and customers from harmful UV rays whilst providing visual enhancements to the building.

Educational Shade Sails

We provide schools, daycares and childcare centres with shade sails that sufficiently protect the users of the outdoor space from harmful UV exposure.

The versatility of shade sails provide a range of coverage options from covering playground areas, swimming pools, basketball courts and even outdoor seating areas.

Many schools have found that shade sails increase their teacher/student participation in protected areas, the longevity of playground equipment is enhanced by protection from the sun, they add aesthetics to buildings and areas around the facility and they also allow for extended outdoor play for children.

Shade sails not only transform your outdoor area into a space that you can utilise all year round, they also protect against UV-Rays.

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Shade Sail Colour Selection

Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, shade sails add an element of appeal and interest to your home or business’ outdoor area. From neutral, earthy tones to bright, eye-catching colours and designs, there is sure to be a shade sail to compliment your existing landscape.

Shade Sail Installation

We pride ourselves on providing a highly professional shade sail installation service to all our clients. It is important to us that we complete your installation on time and that it is aesthetically pleasing whilst offering shade protection for many years to come.

The ongoing depletion of the ozone layer has turned to own a shade sail into a need than a luxury. Shade sails allow users to enjoy the sun’s warmth without risking exposure to its UV rays. The equipment can even protect your valuable possessions, like cars.

Shade sails enable us to take pleasure in the outdoors. Shade sails are so successful that numerous authorities, including city councils, schools, kindergartens, and corporations, have even made them mandatory. Indeed, shade sails have become a part of one’s lifestyle; hence selecting the right domestic, commercial & childcare shade sails is critical.

We Offer the Most Cost-Effective Residential Shade Sails

With residential Your Sydney property can become more charming and comfortable with shade sails. They can extend your living space so you can work, play, and rest outside while still being protected from UV rays and extreme heat.

Young children might enjoy playing in the water or creating play-dough without causing any damage to the house. Teenagers can relax by the pool without worrying about the lobster effect.

Finally, residential shade sails are a wonderful opportunity to sit outside with a computer or a magazine, unwind, and feel at ease for those who spend their days locked up in an office.

Get Amazing Looking Commercial Shade Sails

You can shield your staff and clients from the weather with commercial shade sails. You can achieve numerous aspects without extensive construction, building plans, architects, or anything associated with a structural alteration.

Commercial PVC shade sails provide excellent coverage in big venues, including stadiums, eateries, cafés, playgrounds, and more. They are strong and durable and come with marine stainless steel fittings.

Add Value to Your Institution With Educational Shade Sails

The school grounds and other educational facilities are crucial areas to take into account as they receive a lot of traffic and are frequently used by both staff and students.

Considering various well-established advantages of outdoor play, outdoor spaces that are both functional and visually beautiful are crucial in playgrounds, nurseries, and schools.

Installing education shade sails is one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and most useful methods to enhance the outdoor area available to schools. These large fabric canopies stretch between your existing structures and are then attached to posts or anchor points to provide shade and protection.

Education shade sails are incredibly resilient, with the option to take them down in extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about damage to the canopy or the nearby structures.

However, the most significant factor is the benefits schools, and playgrounds enjoy from having protected outside areas. This kind of setup can encourage students to go outside during breaks and offer opportunities for fun and safe outdoor learning.

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At Brisk Landscaping, we specialise in high-quality, long-lasting shade sails that comfort Australians when the sun is out.
We can work with you to develop a solution that will be both useful and aesthetically beautiful, complementing the overall design of your home, whether you want to provide shade for a residential or commercial project.

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