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Cover Every Aspect for an Elegant Pool Landscaping Design in Melbourne

In Melbourne, where the summer sun can be scorching, a swimming pool not only offers a refreshing escape but also serves as a tranquil backdrop throughout the entire year.

Understanding that a swimming pool is a substantial investment, the key to realizing your dream pool lies in partnering with a landscape designer specializing in pool design. It’s the ideal starting point to ensure your vision comes to life seamlessly.

Our approach goes beyond just the pool – we see it as an integral element within a comprehensive landscape and outdoor living masterplan. By carefully considering your architecture, blending seamlessly with your garden style, and accommodating your family’s lifestyle, we guarantee that your pool design harmonizes with every aspect of your outdoor space.

Let us guide you in crafting a beautiful new swimming pool area – your private oasis awaits, nestled into lush, green surroundings. Embrace luxury and tranquility with a pool that perfectly aligns with your dreams.

Why use a landscape designer for your pool design?

As seasoned landscape designers, we specialize in crafting outdoor spaces that elevate the quality of people’s lives. Our expertise lies in understanding how individuals envision their living spaces and tailoring designs that reflect their unique preferences. We consistently blend chosen garden styles with architectural elements, always mindful of budget constraints.

Consider this: the pool design is just one piece of the larger puzzle. While the pool becomes the focal point of your outdoor living area, a landscape designer plays a vital role in strategically determining the optimal position, selecting appropriate materials, and seamlessly integrating the pool into the surrounding landscape. This holistic approach ensures that your pool becomes a harmonious part of the overall site plan. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and style.

What is included in our pool design and landscaping service?

We have a comprehensive pool and landscape design process that includes:

  • Pre-meeting design inspiration work
  • A 90 minute initial design consultation
  • A series of four intensive design development meetings (or as required)
  • Provision of final designs that include full visualisations, material plans, and exterior styling plans.

Pool Design and Landscaping Ideas

What is Pool Landscaping?

The design of the space around your swimming pool is referred to as pool landscaping. It includes options for paving, fencing, furniture, lighting, and plants, all of which can improve the aesthetics of your pool and increase its usability and safety.

A well-landscaped pool area takes into account the manner it is being utilised. This encompasses meeting your demands for swimming, relaxation, and entertainment while being aesthetically pleasing.

By carefully planning your landscaping, you can make your pool the centre theme of a gorgeous backyard that suits your needs while being beautiful day and night all year long.

Tips to Get Your Pool Landscaping Right

Build Landscaping Around Your Pool

The focal point of your yard’s design should be your pool because it is the most expensive component of your backyard. Hence, selecting the pool design complements your home’s architectural style, ensuring your property looks completely unified after construction and landscaping are complete.

There are numerous pool designs to consider: rectangular or round, with straight or curved edges, or even a custom design for a natural one-of-a-kind feature.

Consider Backyard’s Shape and Size

A well-thought-out pool landscape design makes the best potential use of the available space. If your backyard is small, the pool will probably occupy most of the area, necessitating an incredibly efficient design. If you leave more free space in your design, it will be more aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Prioritise Safety

It would help if you always prioritise safety when planning Melbourne pool landscaping. The law necessitates having pool fencing that complies with Australian Standard AS 1926. According to this, your pool must be entirely surrounded by a fence or other barrier that is at least 1.2 metres high.

This prevents direct access to the pool from your home.

Moreover, this fencing must also be bordered on all sides by a 900mm Non-Climbable Zone, which means there can’t be any big things that a child could climb to get over the barrier.

Put Our Pool and Landscape Builders at Work

At Brisk Landscaping, we provide comprehensive, tailored pool landscaping solutions in Melbourne.

Our pool and landscape builders have the expertise to improve your home and lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive pool and landscaping service, from initial design to finished construction.

Our procedures are streamlined, and we offer simple, affordable, inspiring, unique solutions and everything in between.
Allow our highly qualified team of professionals to collaborate with you to design an outdoor paradise you’ll never want to leave.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to discuss a landscape design for your pool area!

Speak with our pool and landscape builders if you want to install a new pool. Brisk Landscape is the leading pool landscaping service provider in Melbourne, with years of experience in pool construction and unique pool designs to fit your house.


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