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Irrigation Systems for Residential & Commercial Applications

With many years experience in residential and commercial landscaping, we have become a highly respected Melbourne company that specialises in the sale and installation of drip line and sprinkler irrigation supplies, garden and water products for both residential and commercial applications.

We use the latest irrigation technology that is either connected to a water mains supply or tank and provide expert advice on the appropriate irrigation system to meet your needs.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

We have a wide range of automatic and manual sprinkler systems. Our range allows you to select whichever option works best for you individual needs. If you have the ability to monitor you sprinkler system, then a manual system would be ideal for you. However, if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to spend watering your garden, an automatic sprinkler system would be best suited to your needs.

Drip Line Irrigation Systems

Were initially designed to meet the demands of the agricultural industry, but they are now one of the best and most economical options for efficient water irrigation. Drip lines are extremely effective because the lines are meticulously placed at the root of your plants, resulting in less weeds and diseases.

Pop Up Sprinklers

Are perfect for both lawn and garden irrigation. Pop up sprinklers come in a range of sizes and heights suited to the needs of your garden. They offer durability and reliability with a seamless installation process.

Sensors & Controls

There are a number of available options that you can use to control your irrigation system depending on the number of “zones” you have. A zone is a defined area that can be isolated which allows for a more efficient use of water flow and pressure.

Many of these systems can be bluetooth or wi-fi enabled meaning you can control your irrigation system from just about anywhere.

Irrigation controllers can be linked to sensors (including moisture probes and rainfall sensors) to ensure that your irrigation system does not over-water your garden.

How We Can Help

Irrigation around your home or business doesn’t need to be complicated. However, a great landscape requires great irrigation, and planning what you need to support your garden design ensures outstanding results and allow your lawn and garden to flourish.

If you are building a new home the time to start planning your gardens’ irrigation is during the design stage in conjunction with your landscaper.

If your home is already built, and you are wanting to upgrade you gardens irrigation system, our irrigation specialists can help you with a simple irrigation design.

Our expert team can provide you with maintenance and repairs to all existing irrigation systems as well as upgrades. No matter the irrigation system you hope you install, Brisk Landscaping in Melbourne are the smart choice for all your residential and commercial irrigation needs. We have a large selection of irrigation products and can assist with irrigation installation.

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