School Landscaping

Melbourne has a range of public and private schools from North to South, all of which have reputations to upkeep. The way that a school presents itself aesthetically is very important in maintaining status and appeal. One of the first things visitors notice about a high school or primary school campus is its landscape design, which is why Brisk Landscaping is here to create the perfect school lawn design for your Melbourne school.

Brisk Will Keep Your Melbourne School Grounds Looking Great

Most Melbourne high schools have lots of lands to maintain, which requires constant upkeep and attention. Brisk can help you handle that task, with custom landscape design to suit your educational institution and students’ needs. If you have a pre existing garden or green space that just needs mowing or trimming, we can do that for you. Alternatively, we can provide you with a full lawn package from scratch, including idea brainstorming, concept creation, design and architecture.

A Range of Landscape Design & Construction Services

In addition to grass and hedge maintenance, we can provide terrace and patio design or custom pathway paving for your school campus. We work with various materials, from concrete to stone to gravel or soil, to suit whatever look your school is going for. We can build pergolas to protect your primary or high school students from the sun. Some of our pergolas are fully shaded while we do have others that allow some sunlight through. The Brisk Landscaping team are also experienced builders of retaining walls and decks, to set your school grounds apart from the rest and create the ideal environment for students or staff to enjoy.

We Provide Lawn Maintenance All Around Melbourne

Regardless of where in Melbourne your school is located, we can create a beautiful landscape for you. We work all the way from suburbs in north Melbourne like Carlton, Brunswick and Fitzroy to south Melbourne suburbs such as St.Kilda, Brighton, Elwood and Sandringham. To enquire about our landscape design services for your Melbourne high school, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 027 475.

We Customise Our Work to Meet Your Needs

If you work with a primary school, your young students will need space and amenities to run around and play. We keep that in mind when designing your school grounds to ensure an appropriate design and safe environment for students. We can even provide your campus with astroturf (both synthetic and natural), which is an ideal soft, safe recreational material for any playground or playing field. From installation to irrigation to pest services, we cover all of your turf needs.

For a high school, lawn needs are a bit different. Older students may not play outside as much as younger kids, but they do desire outdoor areas to hang out, eat lunch or do homework. High-quality campus amenities will encourage students to get outside, get some fresh air, keep active, and make the most of your customised campus landscape design.


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