We define ourselves and share our individual style stories in our homes. One of the most popular home additions is a composite deck, but picking the correct deck colour to match your house can be challenging. To get you started, here are five choices for siding and deck colour schemes!

Beige & Tan Siding

Consider combining warm neutral colours like tan or beige from your home’s exterior with the opulent appearance of variegated decking in brown. The deck boards’ vibrant colour patterns will help create a seamless transition from the façade of your home to your outdoor area. To complete this classic, traditional aesthetic, include a straightforward black aluminium railing system and black lattice. With this deck and siding colour combination, the greens in your landscape will stand out.

Dark & Light Grey Siding

Cool neutral colours like light or dark grey and brown variegated decking go well together. When coupled with white composite railing and accessories, the rich brown colour of the decking makes a striking statement. For a finished appearance, the white composite railing will blend in well with the white window trim.

Pairing reddish-brown decking with brown metal railing can highlight your home’s natural features and go well with your exterior design if you’re going for a more subtle or homogenous appearance.

White Siding

A wonderful colour choice for homes with white siding and black window and door trim is grey variegated decking. Your outdoor area will have some depth thanks to the colour streaking within the deck board. To create the ideal backyard retreat that you can enjoy well into the night, complete this modern farmhouse style with black aluminium railing and accent lighting, such as low-voltage post caps and stair lights.

Blue Siding

Some external hues, like the various tones of blue, are loved by everyone, regardless of where they are used. Variegated grey decking and a deep, vibrant blue are the ideal complements, regardless of whether your house is near a tranquil beach or in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. The decking’s soft grey tones blend with the exterior’s cool blue tones to create a calming setting for your outdoor hideaway. For the last touch, add white composite railing or black metal railing to the design.

Green Siding

If you have a home with vibrant siding, like green, think about combining it with brown or reddish-brown decking to give it a fresh appearance that’s anything but monotonous. To get the ideal combination of colour and design that will be sure to capture the attention of envious neighbours, add brown aluminium railing, solar or low-voltage post caps, and step lights.

With our decking, you can pick the ideal composite deck colour to match your outside environment, whether the façade of your home is a warm or cool neutral tone, or even a vibrant burst of colour like blue or green.

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