Mosaic Tiling Hoppers Crossing

Mosaics are a creative way to bring colour into your garden.

They can be used in many ways. From paving stones, wall and furniture decorations and brightening up dull, lifeless pots. And unlike seasonal plants, mosaic tiling offers bright colour additions to your garden all year round.

From outdoor flooring to decorative trimming for pools and walkways, mosaic tiles have been the premier surface finish for outdoor and landscaping projects.

Mosaic tiles are durable and water-resistant meaning they can withstand both inclement weather as well as heavy foot traffic.

Choosing Mosaic Colours for Your Landscape

The colours you choose for your mosaic tiling will ultimately depend on the effect you are looking to create. You might be looking to add to an existing colour theme, or you might be looking to create a multi-coloured pattern.

Blues and greens, and shades in between like yellow/blue, pale purple and turquoise all make us feel calm and relaxed. Because they recede into the background, they are perfect for creating a sense of depth.

Pale pastel colours create a feeling of liquidity and rest. These colours are almost clear or transparent.

Dark colourS like black or brown make things appear smaller and more serious. They are often used to draw attention and create emphasis.

Pale colours, including light blue, pink and purple are seen as romantic, calm and gentle.

Bright colours such as orange, red and bright yellow are cheerful and draw the eye and add a sense of fun to a garden.

How You Can Incorporate Mosaic Tiles into Your Garden Design

Landscapers spend a lot of time creating visual impacts with design and plant life. But plants are not the only thing that can please the eye. One way to tie different elements of your garden together, fill in an empty space or define different areas in your garden is with the creative use of stonework, in particular – mosaic patterns.

You can do this with:

  • A rainbow brick path
  • Colourful mosaic stepping stones
  • Mosaic lizards
  • Understated mosaic fish
  • Hidden details on pot plants
  • Geometric outdoor table tiles
  • Patterned stone paths
  • Colourful bird baths
  • Accent shapes in existing rock forms
  • Mosaic chairs
  • Stained glass window blocks
  • Steps

Whether it’s a high-impact mural, or an outdoor water feature, Brisk Landscaping in Melbourne can customise any mosaic tile design to create a stunning feature in your outdoor garden. Call us today on 1300 027 475 for a free design consultation with our experienced team.


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