Pool Fencing and Coping

It’s essential that you have thought about pool fencing prior to the construction of your backyard pool, and in fact, your pool cannot legally be filled until the fencing complies with Australian Pool Fencing Laws which state:

  • Pools and spas with a depth of 30cm of more (300mm) must be surrounded by a safety barrier
  • Pools built after 2010 require a four sided barrier with no direct access from a house or other building to the pool
  • Pool fences must be a minimum of 1.2 metres high

The good news, however, we can fence your new pool or spa for you.

Glass Pool Fencing

Is the most popular choice and is available in semi-framed and frameless options to assist you in achieving the look you desire. Toughened safety glass is used in all our glass pool fencing constructions to ensure it lasts the test of time.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

There is a number of advantages of using an aluminium pool fence around water. Notably, it doesn’t rot and won’t rust. Once the aluminium pool fencing has been powder coated the metal is able to resist corrosion when compared to many other materials.

Steel Pool Fencing

Is available in a range of designs including solid panels (that can double as privacy screens) to tubular. It is ideal for homeowners that have a set budget in mind. Steel pool fencing offers a classy look with extra panel support and designed for strength.

Pool Coping

When install a swimming pool in your backyard, there is much more to it than just putting it in the ground and filling it with water and chlorine. You need to finish it both practically and aesthetically and one way of doing this is by using pool coping.

Coping is the cap or edge that is place around the top rim of a swimming pool. You might have also heard is referred to as pool edging or pool edge pavers. It separates the swimming pool from the adjacent surface area and helps with protecting the pool structure.

Visually, pool coping defines the edge of your pool, and can be a standalone feature similar to garden bed edging, or integrated into the paving or decking around the pool.

Pool coping comes in a range of finishes and choosing the one most appropriate for your pool depends on the look you are trying to achieve. They are:

  • Square Edged – is the most popular coping choice offering a contemporary look and look.
  • Drop Down Facing – offers a seamless finish, essentially hiding the rim and offering the appearance that the water and rim are flush.
  • Tumbled Edge – gives a rustic appearance that is intentionally uneven.
  • Bullnose – provides a more traditional finish compared to other coping types.

No matter what style of pool fencing and coping you choose for your property, we are sure that we can add to the aesthetics of your location. Our experienced team can help you choose a design that will complement the existing theme of your home and garden from modern to contemporary and rustic to traditional.

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Everybody worries about their loved ones. Parents, in particular, want to know that they have taken every precaution to make their houses safe for kids. And pool fencing and coping are vital elements of such a safety plan.

You must have a pool fence, whether you recently moved into a new home with a pool already installed or have plans to install one. There are many different shapes and styles to pick from, and they all share the common feature: security.

A pool fence can guarantee peace of mind; any further advantages are just bonuses.

Meet all your Pool Fencing Requirements

In Melbourne, owning a pool is a source of immense enjoyment and pride. However, while having fun with family and friends, we must always be mindful of the safety precautions near water. Our modern pool fencing designs offer the safety required while adding style to complement your house and landscape.

Brisk Landscape is a team of experts that ensures that your pool fencing adheres to all compliance requirements while being aesthetically pleasing.

Add Attractiveness  Your Pool Through Professional Pool Coping Services

Taking proper care of your inground pool is necessary to get the most enjoyment. It would help if you considered usability and durability in addition to general beauty. These issues overlap at your pool’s edge, where the coping has a chance to stand out.

Consider pool coping as the attractive finishing touch that provides you with something to hold onto when you’re ready to leave the water while also protecting your pool from water damage.

Understanding your pool coping options will assist you chose the one that is both attractive and practical.

We can take care of your pool paving for your house or the pool coping. Besides, our experts can even oversee every aspect of your pool renovation from beginning to end.

Brisk Transformation is the expert when it comes to pool coping.

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