Children’s needs must be taken into consideration while planning and constructing a landscape. It encourages a lovely aesthetic atmosphere and assures the safety and welfare of both adults and children.

We’ll assess the landscape plan for a childcare facility in Yarraville in this case study on commercial landscaping.

Customer Profile:

The commercial landscaping project for the daycare facility in Yarraville was completed by Brisk Landscaping.

The customer wanted to create a fun and educational outdoor play area for children.

The Project

The landscaping project for the child care centre includes the following key goals:

  • Safety: The landscaping should eliminate hazards for kids such as sharp edges, slippery surfaces, and uneven playground.
  • Children should have fun while playing in the landscaping, and it should also provide a stimulating atmosphere for learning.
  • Using sustainable landscaping practises is essential.

Developing the idea

The childcare center’s landscaping was created to provide a comfortable, natural atmosphere for families. For the benefit of the children, the environment will incorporate natural components like plants, trees, and water features.

The decking’s modular construction made it possible to modify it to fit the area and the requirements of their daycare centre. They selected a product with a non-slip surface, built-in shade for bright days, and specially crafted rails for greater safety.

There are several attractions in the outside play area, including gardens, play areas, and calm spaces for youngsters to unwind. The play areas include kid-safe, age-appropriate attractions such as swings, slides, and climbing frames.

Children are allowed to touch and smell a variety of plants, herbs, and flowers in the gardens. Children will benefit from participating in educational activities that encourage the development of their senses and teach them about their local environment.

Youngsters may relax and recharge in the calm, contemplative atmosphere of the quiet spaces. There are several locations with benches, chairs, and tables where children may read or sketch.

Sustainability is mostly included in landscape design. One of the topics being examined is the collecting of rainwater. The plants and trees will be watered with this water. By less energy-intensive lighting, glasshouse gas emissions will be reduced.


Commercial landscape design for a childcare centre in Yarraville puts a high importance on security, sustainability, and kid-friendliness. The major goal of the design idea is to create a stunning and enticing setting that encourages play, pleasure, and education.

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