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As a convenient alternative to natural grass, both synthetic and natural turf have become more and more popular in the landscaping business over the past few years. Turf does not only look appealing, but it can also increase the value of your property and lower the amount of water used periodically as you care for your garden. Unlike regular grass, the main benefit of turf is that it is incredibly low maintenance and requires little upkeeping. Our synthetic and natural turf options are made to appear and feel like natural grass and can suit a variety of settings including gardens, sporting fields, children’s play areas, and more.

At Brisk Landscaping, we work with you to create a turf solution that works best for you and that benefits the area in which you are intending to install it. We take you through the basics of deciding which type of turf will be the most appropriate, and our team of professionals then proceeds to an efficient installation process guaranteeing only the best results possible.

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