Creating a landscaping space around a deck takes a lot of thoughts. 

Do you have enough space? Will it obstruct my vision? Have you got the time to continue? Before deciding on the optimal landscape design, I gave all of these things some thought.

We understand how difficult it may be to come up with landscaping ideas for decks. As a landscaping and deck builder in Melbourne, we conducted a lot of study before compiling this comprehensive and varied decking design collection.

As I am going through the same situation and was scrambling for answers the whole time, I’m going to share that list with all the Melbourne customers who are thinking about building decks.

1.Vast, Unoccupied Deck

With the size of your deck and yard, there is no need to worry about trying to make it much larger. The most important thing, in our opinion, is to make your deck seem less barren.

Put a couple huge rose bushes in the corners of the deck. You want bigger plants for your yard (the flashier and bushier they are, the better). The last step is to finish by adding some hostas and potted petunias. This is the moment to invite your neighbours over!

2.Utilise landscaping to make your deck look bigger

A small deck may look bigger thanks to landscape design. Grow a variety of flowers and low-growing vegetation, leaving plenty of space between each one. 

This evokes the image of a vast, open space. Larger potted plants may deceive the eye into believing the deck is bigger than it really is. This may be accomplished by positioning them towards the margins.

3.Increase the size of your tiny deck by using landscaping

You could be concerned about dominating the area if your deck is only a runway. Because of the potential for excessive activity, it can seem even smaller.

Using stone filler near to the edge is a simple technique to give the impression that the deck is bigger. It increases idle space while cutting down on maintenance expenses.

4.Simplicity Can Be Gorgeous

Your deck is not tiny, but it is quite uninteresting. While you are aware that adding more landscaping would improve its appeal, nothing quite fits. 

Distribute tiny stones of light hue down the edge to create a better look. When you plant the beautiful grasses, the vivid colour of the bed will highlight any spaces between the grasses. Plant an odd small tree to break up a boring, straight border.

5.Easy-Care Elegance

On the other hand, you can find that you have too much excess room and don’t have the time to manage it. Why not go for a sleek, modern aesthetic if that’s the case?

Leave no flowers or lovely grasses in your garden beds. Little trees, such as Blue Star Junipers, should only be planted in one row. Junipers discharge a toxin into the soil that kills nearby plants. Because of this, you won’t need to remove weeds!

6.Big Deck, Little Garden

No issue! Even if you just have a little bit of land available for landscaping, there is a strategy that will work for you. When you don’t have enough width, why not use your vertical space?

Several tropical plants can endure low temperatures and develop tall, bush-free growth. Use bamboo and elephant ears to construct a cabana on your deck!

7.Magnificent Deck, Tinier Garden

This is the perfect opportunity to adapt the aesthetic of open spaces.Landscaping may make use of grass intended for lawns if the correct background is utilised.

The simplicity of grass is great, particularly when there is a lot of deck furniture around. It provides a distraction from the noise made by your deck’s outdoor furniture, fire pit, hot tub, and other objects.

8.Built-in Planters

The wraparound stairs on your deck are beautiful, but they may be a hassle when it comes to gardening. It will be evident that a plant is out of place anywhere you attempt to add one.

If you want to add some greenery to your deck, your best choice is to build a bespoke planter that complements the stairs. It will eliminate your landscaping issue since it will then seem to blend in organically.

9.Card deck Relax Your Mind

Nothing grows close to your deck. Considering that you don’t have the time to maintain a garden, the soil can be poor, in our opinion. After work, being able to unwind outdoors is all you truly want.

A lot of plants are resilient to even your negligence and bad soil! You may try liriope or fescue grass, two drought-tolerant plants. Even just a few stones and a koi pond make a difference!

10.An awesome deck!

Do you dislike the amount of maintenance that plants, whether they are drought-tolerant or not, demand? Why not plan your landscaping to transport your guests to a quaint Italian mountainside?

Your yard’s walls should be constructed with rocks that are as dissimilar in size and form as possible. Instead of the usual pebbles and mulch, use rough asphalt and gravel. Add wrought iron furniture and accents for the greatest appearance.

Elevated deck Outside in a Landscape

11.Step Effect Images Attention

You may not know how to make your deck stand out if it blends in with your home. 

How do you make your ordinary deck stand out?

Easy! Start by growing low-growing plants near to your deck, such as flowers and shrubs. Maintain the view as open-minded as you can in this circumstance. more and more vegetation as you get away from the home.

The simplest route will inevitably catch visitors’ attention! They will initially see your deck before they notice anything else.

12.Landscape design

You don’t have enough time to create elaborate landscaping, you have well-draining soil, and you have no extra time. No problem!

Set up a few low-maintenance bushes in a repeating pattern to fill the bed. To give some colour in between patterns, place a couple hardy primrose shrubs!

The rose bushes sometimes need some maintenance. Yet since the bulk of your garden bed will be more independent shrubbery, you save a tonne of work there!

13.Maximum Height

You may accentuate the most attractive aspect of your deck with gardening. If you have a raised deck, you should use it to display your beautiful exposed wood.

Typically, you should plant low-growing foliage (like hostas). Yet since the deck is so high, you can get away with having much higher planting. One or two hydrangeas may be grown without impeding the view or giving the impression that your deck is too tiny.

14.I Like My Small Deck

Despite the fact that your deck is really a porch, you like it that way. Given how cosy it is, you want to keep it that way. Nevertheless, what landscaping solutions are available that won’t make it seem overgrown?

The best option is a tree! A small deck might seem even smaller inside thanks to Japanese maples. My recommendation is to plant trees at the corners to preserve the unobstructed view of the yard.

15.Small and Cute

If you have a simple, exquisite deck that resembles a balcony in a castle, what kinds of plants should you grow in your garden beds? If the decor of your deck is more royal and understated, go for simple, dignified plants.

Think about planting miniature cedars close to the stairs and at the corners of your deck. Cover the remainder of the bed with short, muted flowers to suggest a railing. Hostas are often a wonderful choice and need little maintenance.


Since it’s so little, you don’t even bother putting up a table or chair outdoors. There, on its own, is the grill. The deck protrudes over an even smaller portion of the flower garden.

How would you go about landscaping that? The increased shade that the garden bed gets will provide a problem for you. Choose low-growing plants that need little to no direct sunlight, and you’ll be OK.

17.Genuine Beauty

The deck’s mellow, earthy tones will clash with anything too bright in the planters. 

Your deck’s shades of grey, brown, beige, or sage green look best with modest shrubbery as a backdrop.

Any dwarf or globe evergreen shrub would be beneficial for the border garden on your deck. Cedar is a great option for a dash of bold colour if you want to give it a bit more life. These evergreens also need minimal maintenance and retain their colour all year long.

18.Sleek Modern

Which setting is suitable for a futuristic deck? What kind of plant goes nicely with glass and metal?

The question is a ruse. Your deck is handling itself in this manner. The landscape you produce for this kind of modern architecture should be minimal in comparison to the design.

Choose mutable flowers and little plants. Choose plants that most people will undoubtedly pass by. You just use landscaping to close in the opening and create a border. The real attraction is your beautiful deck!

Do you think this list is good? I can agree that when I initially began looking at landscaping options for my deck, it was overwhelming. By discussing my ideas with you, I want to help you prevent some headaches.

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