A deck can be a great way to increase the value of your home and can also be used as a living and entertainment space for friends and family. So what is the price of building a deck in Melbourne in 2024?

The price of decking will vary depending on the size, material, and the foundation of the decking build.


One of your initial choices when building a deck for your house will be the decking material. Your choice will be influenced by how durable and aesthetically pleasing you want it to be.

One of the most common decking boards used in backyard renovation projects is Merbau.

It is a very adaptable product that can be used for raised garden beds, cladding, and outdoor decking. The best thing about Merbau is that it is usually much more durable than regular pine and resistant to insect infestations.

The installation of “composite” decking, a manufactured product made with a combination of wood and plastic, is another major consumer trend in 2023.

It is a popular choice because of its extreme durability, resistance to fading, and the fact that it requires little to no maintenance, such as staining or sanding, making composite decking a popular choice for busy families in Melbourne.

So what do the materials for decking cost?

On average, a consumer designing a basic type of deck will be looking at paying between $120-$180 per sqm for a Timber decking, and between $250-$550 per sqm for composite decking. This is based on our first hand data in the recent weeks in 2024.

This covers the use of all subfloor components, decking materials, as well as common hardware like bolts, screws, and decking tape.


You’ll realise an experienced deck builder has to build the deck now that you know what sort of material you want to utilise to construct it.

Of course, if you have the necessary skills, you may be able to undertake much of the labor-intensive work yourself.

The dimensions and location of your deck will also have an impact on this price. For instance, free-standing beams or posts of various heights may be required to hold a deck being constructed on a sloped yard. Alternatively, before installation, the earth would need to be levelled or dug up. The prices of labour might rapidly increase due to these considerations.


You are free to decide where to put your deck. It could connect to your home’s living and dining space to provide room for barbeques in the backyard. Or maybe you want additional room to work on your tan in the summer and want to build a deck to your pool.

Verify the laws in your state and neighbourhood. Various limits apply in different regions of Australia, notably in relation to the height of your deck.

Extra expenditures for the foundations, beams, or balustrades that keep the deck in place must also be taken into account if it will be attached to a second-story home or apartment.

Some towns only need clearance for decks up to 10 square metres in size, while others permit decks up to 25 square metres. Similar to this, some municipalities only let decks to be erected up to 600mm in height, while others permit decks up to 1 metre in height without requiring consent.


After your deck is constructed, you must maintain it. Without a question, outdoor decks in Victoria will need to be constructed to withstand both sunny days and severe weather.

With routine cleaning and decking care, your outdoor deck may last more than 15 years and even up to 30 years if maintained in good condition.

Decking longevity may be increased by using a decking oil and sealer. Be prepared to shell out $400 – 500 every two years for oil and sealants for the deck. Be prepared to pay more for the tradie’s service if you’re having your deck resealed.

A deck should be an exciting addition to your house, but if you’re not cautious, it might easily develop into a time-consuming endeavour. A little bit of research may help you save a lot of money. To receive the greatest price, be sure to get quotations from qualified and experienced deck builder in Melbourne..

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