When you’re imagining your future deck, you’re certainly thinking of all the wonderful memories you’ll create and all the decorations it will have.

What colour will you paint or stain your new deck is a further crucial factor to take into account throughout the planning phase. There are several colour possibilities available regardless of the material you pick to build your deck.

The optimum deck colour might still be difficult to decide, however. These are some things to think about while choosing deck colours.

Which Colour Is Your Home?

The colours of your deck should ideally complement the design of your house. Take a look at the colours you’ve previously used for your home’s side, roof, windows, and doors. While picking the colours for your deck, get inspiration from these components.

  • A dark brown deck will look best if your home’s façade is a neutral beige. 
  • Another shade of grey for your deck may look excellent if your home is painted in shades of grey. 
  • A red brick home or a home with a cobblestone facade both complement a grey deck beautifully.

You could want your indoor flooring to match the deck if it’s off to the side of your house. Although it’s not necessary, it helps your deck’s design seem more coherent. It feels more like a part of your house than like a totally different building.

Use an online colour palette generator if you’re unsure of which deck colours go together. After you’ve created a palette, you may use a variety of colours to construct your deck. 

Is your deck going to be built with real wood or composite wood?

These two are the most common materials for decks. How do you know if it’s right for your home and living style? People often choose traditional timber deck because it has a classic look and is cheap to set up.

But it costs a lot more to keep a traditional wooden deck in good shape for a long time. After it’s built, you’ll have to finish and refinish your wood deck every year. This is because its colour will fade more quickly than composite wood over time. 

Wood decking also doesn’t last as long as composite decking. Since wood is a natural material, it is more likely to be damaged by things like rain and very high temperatures. 

Wooden decks can also splinter over the long run, which could be a problem if you like to walk around barefoot. People who let their pets and small children walk around on their decks are also at risk. 

Because of all of these things, we ask home owners to consider composite decking as well. Composite decking is less likely to crack or rot over time. It’s also easier to clean and take care of. With the right care, a composite deck can last for more than 20 years. The cost of maintenance is much lower as well.

Composite decking is installed with a finish already on it, so it doesn’t need to be oiled or painted again. This means that your deck will have a brighter colour that won’t fade over time. Even though it’s made of plastic and recycled wood chips, composite decking looks just like real wood without all the work.

On the other hand, wooden decks come in a variety of natural colours such as grey, black, chocolate brown, merbau, sandy and more. Composite decks being manufactured by factories, also come in a range of colours that look like real wood colours.

What does your backyard look like?

If your deck is on the side of your house that doesn’t face your home, choose colours that go well with your surroundings. Red goes well with green, while a heavily wooded area would look good with blue tones. If your home faces the sea, soft greys or even lighter shades of blue will work well.

Paths, plants, and other lawn decorations are some other types of landscaping that you should think about. Say, for instance, that your deck is away from your house and can only be reached by a cobblestone path. You might want to choose a deck colour, like beige or tan, that goes with the path.

Colours of Decks People Like

Here are some popular colours that look good in any house:

  • Brown that looks like chocolate. These colours are neutral enough to match most living rooms, and they make it easy to hide dirty footprints. Black is another popular choice, but it can stand out too much next to some homes.
  • Tan. A tan deck is light enough to make your deck look cleaner and brighter, and it can also hide small spots of dirt.
  • Grey. In recent years, this has been one of the most popular colours. Grey is a great choice for a deck because it comes in so many different shades.
  • Dark Blue. Even though it’s not as common as the other colours, it goes well with cream-coloured homes. It’s also a great colour for homes near the beach because it goes well with the sand and water.

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